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 Critic's Pick
- The New York Times

"One of the best films of 2017..."
- The Film Stage

"What a glorious, perfect conclusion to a remarkable career."
- Flavorwire

"Maysles and his collaborators capture 'the rhythm of the tracks' in their film.  It is a machine that generates empathy."

"... hypnotic and deeply engaging."
- The Boston Globe

"Themes of escape, transformation and 'finding yourself' form a common thread through the stories, whether it's running toward something or away from it, and show that everyone has a tale to tell if you just ask."
- Rolling Stone

“Fleet and light… gently thrilling, often revealing, alive with talk and scenic beauty.”
- The Village Voice

"Magnifying ordinary people by turning their internal processes into objects of fascination, In Transit epitomizes the Maysles legacy."
- IndieWire

"Maysles presents, in the range and diversity of In Transit, a retrospective reminder of his groundbreaking work as seminal maestro of the nonfiction form."
- Variety

"In Transit presents snapshots of the most ordinary situations—and yet the intimacy is harrowing."
- The Daily Beast

"In Transit is a pure dose of the humanism that helped establish Albert Maysles as one of nonfiction film's key voices."
- The Hollywood Reporter

"Though Maysles’ very recent passing is a sad weight that bears on In Transit, it’s difficult to imagine a more perfect final act."
- Forbes

"[An] eloquent final testament."
- Slant Magazine

"[Maysles'] ultimate film, and among his best ever."
- The Arts Fuse

"If you ever have been changed by Maysles’ work, you need to see this. Not just because it may be the last we see of his work, but in view of the fact that this work is complete and will make you not want to let go of one of cinema’s greatest filmmakers."
- Under the Gun Review

"In Transit is a final film of great intimacy and intuition."
- Nonfics

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